Francisca Aroso Pinto de Oliveira

Fabrication-Based Design of Responsive Transitional Spaces

Most recently, the surface, the skin, the façade, the building envelope and hence its material and functions has become a central focus of investigation.

Francisca Aroso-Physical EXPERIMENT1

Gabriel E Felmer Plominsky

Low-Energy Dwelling Prototypes for Different Regions of Chile: Toward a Housing Strategy for Reducing Fuel Poverty

The central problem addressed by this project is the fuel poverty and poor environmental conditions experienced by low-income groups in social housing around Santiago. The research investigates the parameters influencing the environ¬mental performance of social housing schemes with the aim of developing low-cost designs for achieving thermal comfort through passive means without the need for any additional sources of energy for space heating.

Gabriela García de Cortázar Galleguillos

The Chorography of the Modern City

The thesis argues that knowledge of the city cannot happen without commercial, everyday, objects such as maps, guides, signs and views. This is because they offer something experience does not provide: an absolute knowledge of the whole.

Ivonne Santoyo Orozco

Rome, Before the State: Architecture and Persuasion in the Early Modern City

To reconsider the ways in which architecture has served the needs of various regimes of power by imposing a specific ethos through its grandeur, composition, typologies, and techniques.

Jingru Cyan Cheng

Territory, Settlement, Household: A Project of Rural China

The thesis recognises the countryside as a specific social, cultural and political construct rather than as ancillary to the city. It challenges current strategies of rural regeneration in China, which heavily rely on models of urbanisation, as well as the prevailing mentality that views the countryside as not just economically but also culturally and intellectually under-developed. The key research question is thus: what does being rural mean socio-spatially?

Kensuke Hotta

Programmable Architecture: Towards Intelligent Architecture

A new strategy for intelligent architecture.

Kristine Mun

Vitalizing Technology: on the mode of invention

PhD completed 2012.

Luciano Dutra

Design Process and Environmental Information: applicability of design support tools

PhD awarded 2012.

Merate A Barakat

Sonic Urban Morphologies: Towards Modelling Aural Spatial Patterns For Urban Space Designers

Every city has a unique set of sounds and sonic characteristics as a product of regional ecology, cultural influences and current technology. Based on earlier research in Barcelona this project will study Istanbul and its rich acoustic character. The research attempts to find distinct aural design techniques that can be used to enhance urban public spaces.

Mohammed Makki

Urban Adaptation through Evolutionary Development

The research tackles the urbanisation of harsh climatic regions in the arctic tundra, within a computational platform to establish a correlation between the governing factors of the evolutionary development of natural systems and those that regulate city development and growth.