Living and Dying with Myths

Andrea Goh Supervisors: Marina Lathouri, Alexandra Vougia The ground has always been part of Singapore’s political discourse. The ground plane is for the state, a resource to be maximised, the result is a creation of land policies, housing policies and burial policies to control and manage land use.  Because of this, the ground manifests itself in […]

Migrating Technology Imposing Typology

David Hutama Supervisors: Marina Lathouri, Murray Fraser The enactment of the 1870 Agrarian Act and, followed by the 1901 Ethical Policy in the Dutch East indies urged not only migration of people but also the migration of systems from the Netherlands, as the metropole, to the archipelago, as its colony.  This migration engendered unprecedented industrial privatisations. […]

Staging Facts on the Ground: On the Historical Role of Buildings as Markers of Imperial-Colonial Expansion

Lukas Pauer Supervisors: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Thanos Zartaloudis This research investigates buildings as evidence for the projection of power, authority, and influence. Specifically, my doctoral dissertation studies the architectural resolution of imperial-colonial expansion throughout history. The assumption that governance is an invisible and immaterial force ignores the physical manifestations of power. As facts on the […]

Symbolic Wood: Language of Wood and Techniques in Thai and British Cultures

Kornkamon Kaewprasert Supervisors: Mark Cousins, Chittawadi Chitrabongs The thesis is based on a conviction that wood is not only used symbolically but it is one of the objects that can become the symbolic of itself. This is not an attempt to include all relations in which wood and symbolism are combined but it restricts to […]

The Ecological Superblock

Aiman TabonySupervisors: Michael Weinstock, George Jeronomidis The rapid undergoing and coming climatic and ecological change coupled with rapid acceleration in population growth, raise doubts and concerns regarding the ability of the existing urban systems to adapt to the future change. Although, these changes represent key opportunity for using ecological based design superblocks. The research departs […]

The Equivocal (Inter)Subjectivity: Phenomenology in Architectural Discourse and Its Discontents

Qing Liu Supervisors: Marina Lathouri, Tao Sule-DuFour The thesis investigates what can be termed a tradition of architectural phenomenology, along with the criticism it encountered and its ongoing transformation, stressing on the problem of intertwined subjective and intersubjective experience in the development of architectural phenomenological thinking. Although Heidegger and many philosophers after him seek to […]

The Female Body Politic: Re-modelling The Book of the City of Ladies

Penelope Haralambidou MA HCT & PhD Debates: History in Translation. Marina Lathouri and Guest Speakers Thursday 13 February | 4:00pm | 32 Bedford Square (First Floor Back) The paper will present my practice/drawing-led research, which focuses on two works by French late medieval author Christine de Pizan: The Book of the City of Ladies, 1405; and The […]

The forest as a topos: A source of stories becomes a realm of transformation

Kanyaphorn Kaewprasert Supervisors: Mark Cousins, Chittawadi Chitrabongs The forest symbolically is a certain type of place—a topos whose physical boundaries are secondary. It is also a domain of experiences (i.e., stories, dreams, fears, hopes) and a special kind of emotional characters that has been using as vehicles of narrations. This source of stories provokes an […]

The social factory: Social movements from autonomy to precarity

Enrica Mannelli Supervisors: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Maria Giudici The thesis studies the evolution of the “social factory” and the related social movements that tackled this evolution. The concept of the social factory rises from a theory developed by Mario Tronti in early 1960 who claimed that in a Fordist society “the whole of society lives as […]

Towards Jerusalem: The Architecture of Pilgrimage

Gili Merin Supervisors: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Maria Giudici The thesis explores the ritual of sacred travel to the city of Jerusalem. It studies pilgrimage as a project in which the pilgrim, as a subject who is led by spiritual orientation, contributes to the appropriation of the cities and landscapes that he or she is perpetually […]