Elena Palacios Carral

Elena graduated from Diploma at The Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2012. In 2015 she completed The MA in History and Critical Thinking at the same school where she is currently enrolled as a PhD student. She has worked as an Architectural Designer in Mexico City and the UK, and as an architectural researcher at Forensic Architecture. Currently, she is an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes where she is teaching a design studio at M.Arch level.


The Studioification of the Home: The Freelance Artist's Studio in Western Europe

Supervisors: Maria S. Giudici and Pier Vittorio Aureli

The thesis is largely confined to the second half of the 19th century in Western Europe. It seeks to describe the tension between the space of the artist’s work and the space of the artist’s life. The evidence is drawn from documentation of studio space most obviously from artist’s studios, which have been conserved and exhibited. It will also draw upon photographs, artist’s private papers but also novels, films, paintings, etc. In outlining the tension between the spatial life of the artist and the actual spaces of his or her life hopefully this will stand as a very clear example of the fact that subjects and architectural space do not fit together in the way that architects think.