Elif Erdine

Elif Erdine received her B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 (High Honours), and MArch degree from the AA Design Research Lab in 2006 (with Distinction). She is a registered architect in Turkey. Her projects have been published widely in international and national architecture publications. She is the Programme Director of the AA DLAB Visiting School and AA Istanbul Visiting School. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects 2006-10.

Generative Processes in Tower Design: Algorithms for the Integration of Tower Subsystems

George Jeronimidis, Michael Weinstock, Patrik Schumacher

The principal contribution of the thesis is the demonstration that the initial phases of the long and complex chain of design development can be shortened by the designer working in the computational environment of a typical laptop, and utilising mainly free open source software. The design domain is the Tower, and the focus is on developing a generative system of design that offers simultaneous integration and differentiation throughout the subsystems of a concept for a tall building during the conceptual design phase. The subsystems are classified into five groups as the load-bearing structure, floor system, vertical circulation system, fa├žade, and environmental system. Design parameters are grouped together so that the focus is on convergence and integration, and the design explorations demonstrate how a change in the parameters of one design driver has repercussions in other subsystems. A metric has been developed for measuring the level of integration on two discrete levels, firstly within the design process itself and secondly on the overall performance of an example of design output- a concept design for a tower. The overall performance of the tower system is measured via progressive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) procedures in order to calculate the changes in the structural behaviour as each subsystem is introduced to the overall tower system. PhD project completed in 2015.