Director AA School

Brett directs the AA School of Architecture, including its public programme, publications, membership and fundraising activities. Current projects include multi-year master plans expanding the AA’s historic Bedford Square home and rural campus in Hooke Park, Dorset. Brett’s initiatives at the AA have include the launch of the Digital Prototyping Lab; a new rural campus in Dorset; new full-time MSc & MPhil graduate courses; and a new PhD by Design programme. In 1996 Brett founded and for 9 years Directed the AADRL Design Research Lab, an innovative team-based MArch programme. He is formerly a partner of desArchLab, an architectural office in London, and has taught and lectured at schools throughout the world. He is the editor of NEGOTIATE MY BOUNDARY (2002); CORPORATE FIELDS (2005); DESIGN AS RESEARCH (Beijing 2005); FIRST WORKS: ARCHITECTURAL EXPERIMENTATION OF THE 1960S & 1970S (2009; SUPERCRITICAL: PETER EISENMAN MEETS REM KOOLHAAS (2009); and O14: PROJECTION & RECEPTION (2012); NETWORKS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF DISTRIBUTED DESIGN CULTURES (forthcoming, 2014); and MACHINE WORKS: THE RISE OF MODERN MACHINIC ARCHITECTURES (forthcoming, 2014). Brett’s articles, interviews & lectures have appeared in ARCH+, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW, A+U, ARCHIS, AA FILES, HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE, HUNCH, WORLD ARCHITECTURE, LOG, MARK, FRAME, JAPAN ARCHITECT, MONOCLE, ICON, DAIDALOS, AREA, and other journals; on CNN and the BBC, in THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL, FINANCIAL TIMES and other media. He is the founder and series editor of ARCHITECTURE WORDS, which has since 2009 published the critical writings of Denise Scott Brown, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Eisenman, Max Bill, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito & others; and AGENDAS, a series of two-dozen books documenting the work of AA students & units. Brett is a frequent writer, lecturer and critic, and his interests include the history of modern architectural education and cultural communication, and the impact of new media, information economies and networked design technologies.


Director, Architectural Association School of Architecture & AA Publications. 2005-present
Recipient, ACADIA Education Achievement Prize, 2013
Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts
Honorary Fellow, Royal Institute of British Architects
Architectural Editor, Port Magazine (London). 2011-present
Ambient & Augmented Architectures (International Research Group & EPSRC-Culture Grant. 2004-2007), London (Lead Investigator & Network Co-Director)
desArchLab, London. 2000-05 (Founder & Managing Director)
Zaha Hadid Architects, London. 1992-93 & 1986-87 (Project Architect)
o/A office advertising/Architecture, Princeton & New York. 1987-1992 (Founder & Director)
Robert Lamb Hart Architects & Planners, New York. 1982-1984 (Project Architect & Planner)


AA PhD by Design Programme. Founder & PhD Supervisor, 2009-present (London)
AA Visiting School. Founder & Director, lecturer & workshop leader 2008- (Dubai, Turin, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Madrid, Tehran, Sao Paulo, Santiago and other locations)
Architectural Association Histories & Theories Programme Seminars, including: ‘The Books of OMA’, 2009 (with Zak Kyes & Stephan Petermann); ‘Architectural Knowledge & Projects’, 2010-2009; ‘The Architectural Portolio’, 2008; ‘The Books of OMA, 2007; ‘The Architecture of Information’, 2007; ‘Post-Digital’ (with Mark Cousins), 2005; ‘On Diagrams’, 2003-04.
The London Consortium, PhD Supervisor, 2004-06 (London)
AA DRL Design Research Lab, AA School. Founder & Director, 1996-2005.
Design Studios, Workshops & Seminars (‘Design as Research’, 1999-2005; ‘Architecture as Image’ 1997-2000; ‘Brandspace’ 2000-2001; Monography: The Architecture of 20th Century Publications 2000-2003). Studio clients included Microsoft UK, M&C Saatchi, Thames Valley Gateway, The Tate Modern, and others.
PhD Supervisor, London Consortium / Birkbeck College, London, 2003-present
The Berlage Institute, Rotterdam; Guest Professor, Graduate Design Course, 2001-02
Architectural Association School of Architecture. Diploma Unit Master, 1995-97.
Design Workshops in San Francisco, Madrid, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kowloon, Rotterdam, London, Seoul & other locations, 1997-2009
Harvard Graduate Design School. Visiting Lecturer, Graduate Design Studio, 1994-95.


Architectural Association School of Architecture, AA Diploma
University of Oregon, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, Dept. of Architecture
San Francisco Center for Architecture & Urban Studies, San Francisco Art Institute


2012 British Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale Advisory Panel
2010-present Advisory Board Member, Living Architecture (UK)
2010-present Advisor & Juror, RIBA Jencks Award in Theory and Practise
2010-2013 Advisory Committee Member, International Committee for Contemporary Architectural Theory, Nanjing (China)
2009-2010 Juror, Taiwan Popular Music Centre (Taipei). Appointment by the Ministry of Culture, Office of the Mayor
2009-present Advisory Committee Member, StudioPlex (Los Angeles/Tokyo)
2009 Juror, Self-Sufficient City International Design Competition, Barcelona.
2008-present Advisor, Instituto Empresa (Madrid). Appointment by the Office of the Rector.
2008-present Board of Advisors. Princeton University School of Architecture. Appointment by the Office of the President.
2008-present Board of Advisors, UN Studio (Amsterdam)
2008 Head of Jury, Arquitectum International Young Architects Idea Competition (Peru)
2008 Member, President’s Advisory Panel, The Cooper Union School of Architecture (New York). Appointment by the Office of the President
2007 Advisory Group Member, Presidential Commission on Architectural Culture and Construction Technology (Seoul). Appointment by Jinai Kim, Chairperson
2007-present Visiting Board Member, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon (Eugene). Appointment by the Office of the President.
2006 Juror, SOM UK Traveling Student Awards (London)
2006 Juror, BD Student of the Year Awards (London)
2006 Juror, NAI Young Architect Award (Rotterdam)
2006 Juror, AIA UK Building of the Year Awards (London)
2006 Expert Committee, Iaokov Chernikov Foundation, Young Architects International Competition (Moscow)
2005 London Consortium Board of Management, The London Consortium (London)
2005 Juror, Europan 8 Competition, Italy Division (Rome)


2014 (forthcoming) Machine Works: The Rise of Modern Machinic Architectures (London)
2014 (forthcoming) The Books of OMA, editor (London)
2014 (forthcoming) Net Works: The Rise of Collaborative & Distributed Architecture, editor (with Francisco Canales de Gonzalez) (London)
2012 014: Projection and Reception, editor (London)
2009 Supercritical: Rem Koolhaas meets Peter Eisenman, editor (London)
2009 First Works: Experimental Architectures of the 1960s and 1970s, editor (with Francisco Gonzalez de Canales), London
2007 Architecture Words: Critical Writings in Contemporary Architecture. Series founder & editor (London); nos. 1-4 published 2008 & 2009; n. 5-8 published 2010; n. 9-12 2012-13
2006 AA Agendas (London), Series founder & editor. N. 1-7 published 2006-2009; n. 9-12 currently in production.
2005 Corporate Fields: Experiments in New Office Design, editor (London). 2010 transl. (Beijing)
2005 AADRL Design as Research, Architecture Creation, editor (Beijing)
2002 Negotiate my Boundary: RAM+TV, editor (London)


2014 (forthcoming) ‘Architectural Anti-Realism’, in Neil Spiller, ed., Educating 21st Century Architects (London)
2014 (forthcoming) ‘Preface’, Sylvia Lavin, Flash in the Pan (London)
2014 (forthcoming) ‘Preface’, Alesandra Ponte, Essays (London)
2014 ‘Conversation 6’, in Tom Verebes, ed., Masterplanning the Adaptive City: Computational Urbanism in the 21st Century (London)
2013 (forthcoming) ‘Painting Machines: Arturo Revilla’s Automatic Images (Berlin)
2013 (forthcoming) ‘We’re not in Walter’s world any more: An interview with Brett’, by Cristóbal Amunategui & José Aragüez’, in Conversations with Deans (New York)
2013 (forthcoming) ‘Wasmuth’, in Alexander Eisenschmidt, ed., Chicagoisms (Zurich)
2013 ‘Swipe Here’, Introduction to AA Book 2013 Application (Cupertino/London)
2013 ‘Director’s Foreword’, AA Book 2013 (London)
2013 ‘The Key Project of the Architectural School Today is the making of Audiences, not Architects: a conversation with Anthony Vidler’, in Stocktaking, Log no. 28 (Summer, 2013)
2013 ‘Foreword’, Inside Smart Geometry, eds. Brady Peters & Terri Peters (New York)
2012 ‘Preface’, Building/Inside Studio Gang Architects, eds. Jeanne Gang & Zoe Ryan, (Chicago)
2012 ‘Architecture as Inversion: RUR’s O14, or Ten Towers I Am Not’, in O14: Projection and Reception, Brett Steele ed. (London)
2012 ‘Preface’, Adaptive Technologies, Theo Spyropolous, ed. (London)
2012 ‘Architecture Beyond Research’, in Venice Take Away, Vicky Richardson ed. (London)


2010 ‘On Paper: Recent Publications by Bedford Press’, Exhibition of AA Publications at the Artists Bookfair (New York)
2010 ‘AA Today: Inventing Architects, Educating Architecture; the A4 Gallery, Tokyo
2010 ‘Energy as Form: Prototypes and Symposium at the Cinni Foundation for the Venice Architecture Biennale. AA Research Cluster curated by Stefano Rabolli Pansera (Venice)
2010 Honorary Fellowship Award, Royal Institute of British Architects
2008 ‘AA Today’; Beijing Architecture Biennale (AA School)
2006 ‘A Breed Apart’; the AA at the Beijing Biennale (AA School)
2006 ‘Cities Workshop’; the AA at the Venice Biennale (AA School)


2013 ‘Figures without Grounds’, Lecture Tour at Schools of Architecture in Dehli, Calcutta, Ahmedabad & Bangalore (India)
2013 ‘Educating the Architectural School’, Keynote Address, Brazil Association of Architectural Schools (Recife)
2013 ‘The Architect as Editor’, Tokyo University School of Architecture (Tokyo)
2013 ‘What are We Missing’, Hong Kong University School of Architecture (Hong Kong)
2012 ‘Sticks and Stones’, School of Architecture, Washington University (Seattle)
2012 ‘From Part to Whole: Remaking Architectural Culture’, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon (Eugene)
2012 ‘Beyond Luxury’, Museum of Decorative Arts (Paris, Louis Vitton/AA Visiting School)
2012 ‘Practice Makes (Im-) Perfect: Architectural Experimentation, at Rizvi School of Architecture (Mumbai)
2012 ‘One-to-One: Fabricating Architectural Knowledge’, at FEED Forum of Architectural Education (Pune)
2012 ‘The Ambient Studio and Networked City’, at INCITE School of Architecture (Bangalore)
2012 ‘After Theory, What’s Left?’, Delhi School of Architecture (Delhi)
2012 SCIARC Thesis Reviews, Invited Juror (Los Angeles)
2012 ‘Curiosity, not Research’, British Pavilion Discussion, Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice)
2012 ‘NYLON: New York v. London; or, Architecture’s Silk Road’, Lecture and Public Conversation with Mark Wigley, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning (New York)
2012 ‘Architectural Judgment’, Lecture at the 2012 Kenon Symposium, Rice University School of Architecture (Houston)
2012 ‘Miniaturisation & Communication: Global Architecture’, Lecture with Ben van Berkel at the Shimon Peres Peace Institute (Tel Aviv)
2012 ‘Architecture’s Global Instinct: What’s Right and Wrong in the World Today’, Keynote Lecture at the International Symposium for Architectural Education, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
2011 ‘The School as a Form of Research’, Colloquium Presentation at the Canadian Center for Architecture (Montreal)
2011   From A to B and back again: architecture in reverse)’, Bangalore School of Architecture (Bangalore)
2011 ‘The Office as Educator: Delirious OMA’, Barbican Center (London)
2011 ‘Mies-Understandings’, at ‘Rethinking Mies: an International Symposium’, Aachen University (Aachen, Germany) end/bbs/cv/4-page/09.2013