Personal Details
Name: Dr. Thanos Zartaloudis

Institution: Kent Law School & AA

Key Education/Qualifications

2000-2004: PhD, U.o. London
2000-2002: PGCHE, UCL, IoE
1993-1998: LLB (Hons.) (1stClass), U.o. Kent & U.o. Amsterdam

Professional History

2014-         Senior Lecturer in Law, U.o.Kent, School of Law
2014-         Associate Lecturer, AA, HTS
2003-13    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Law, U.o.London, Birkbeck School of Law

Other Recent Appointments and Affiliations
2015-16 Validation Advisor, QLD Programme Law, University Campus Suffolk.
2016- Consultant & Member of The Architecture Syndicate, Greece.
2014- Head Editor: Book Series with EUP: Encounters in Law & Philosophy.
2014- Honorary Visiting Fellow at Birkbeck Law School, U.o.London.
2012-2014 UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture, M.Arch. Examiner/Crit.
2011-2016 U.o. Cambridge, Department of History of Art, External PhD Supervisor.
2013- Member of the Steering Board of the Migration Law Network (UK).


Authored Books
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2011) Giorgio Agamben: Power, Law and the Uses of Criticism. Routledge

Edited Books
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. (2016) Land Law and Urban Policy in Context: Essays in Honour of Prof. Patrick McAuslan. Routledge

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. (2015) Agamben and Law: Edited Collection in Series Philosophers and Law. Routledge

Edited Journals
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Juss, S, eds. (2015) Special Issue: Critical Approaches to Migration Law. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 22 (1). pp. 1-154. ISSN 1385-4879.

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Murray, A, eds. (2009) Special Issue – ‘Essays on Law and Thought’. Law and Critique, 20. ISSN 1572-8617.

3.  Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. (2005) Special Issue ‘Essays on the work of Jean-Luc Nancy and Jurisprudence’. Law and Critique, 16 . ISSN 1572-8617.

Chapters in Books
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Mulcahy, Linda and Paliwala, Abdul (2016) An Honorary Introduction [to the work of Prof.P.McAuslan]. In: Zartaloudis, Thanos and Mulcahy, Linda and Paliwala, Abdul, eds. Land Law and Urban Policy in Context. Routledge, UK. pp.1-13. ISBN 9781138669109.

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2015) Agamben and Law. In: Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. Agamben and Law. Philosophers and Law. Routledge, UK. ISBN 1472428846.

3.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2015) Felicidade e profanação. In: Andre, J.G. and Santos, J. M. and Dias, B. P., eds. Teorias Políticas Contemporâneas. Documenta, pp. 25-43. ISBN 9789898618917.

4.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2014) Violence without Law? On Pure Violence as Destituent Power., eds. The Critique of Violence in Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben, Bloomsbury, UK.

5.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2013) Asylum, Refugee and Immigration Law Studies: A Critical Supplement. In: Islam, Rafiqul and Bhuiyan, Jahid Hossain, eds. An Introduction to International Refugee Law. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

6.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2013) Elements of Movement-Controls in Post-Sovereign Governmentality. In: Juss, Satvinder Singh, ed. The Ashgate Research Companion to Migration Theory and Policy. Routledge/Ashgate Press.

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10.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2007) Vis Immanentiae. In: Agamben, Giorgio, The Coming Community (Η Κοινότητα που Έρχεται). Indiktos Publishing, Greece, pp. 11-64. ISBN 9789605183097.

Refereed Journal Articles
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2015) Public Policy and the Administrative Government of Unlawful Detention: The Landmark Case of Lumba and Mighty. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 22 (1). pp. 68-100. ISSN 1385-4879.

2.  Juss, Satvinder and Zartaloudis, Thanos (2015) “Critical Approaches of Migration Law”. [Introduction]. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 22 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1385-4879. pp. 1-7.

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Non-Refereed Journal Articles
Zartaloudis, Thanos and Papanagiotou, Athina (2014) A Death Foretold: In the Place of Law – Descriptive Plan for the Administration, Expropriation and Annulment of Coastline Commons. Chronos Journal, pp.1-10.

Refereed Reviews
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2016) Review of Stuart Elden, ‘The Birth of Territory’. Law, Culture and the Humanities, 12 (2). pp. 455-457. ISSN 1743-8721.

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2011) Book Review: The Securitization of Humanitarian Migration: Digging Moats and Sinking Boats. Review of: The Securitization of Humanitarian Migration: Digging Moats and Sinking Boats by Watson, Scott D., International Journal of Refugee Law, 23 (3). pp. 575-580. ISSN 0953-8186.

Other Types of Published Output

Design [Architectural Design And Text]
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (and Issaias, Plato and Vougia, Alexandra et al.) (2014) The Mechanism of Suspension. Design, Website, Text.

Other [Interviews]
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2015) Interview, ‘The Urban Protocols’. Architectural Association.

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2008) Interview, ‘Law and Politics for a Post-sovereign Age’. Babylonia Journal, Athens.

Monograph [Other]
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Antonas, Aristide (2016) The Archipelago of Protocols. Other. DPR Barcelona, Spain

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Agamben, Giorgio (2007) The Coming Community/Η Κοινότητα που Έρχεται [Translation, Ed., & contributed chapter, pp.11-64]. Indiktos Publishers, Athens.

Forthcoming: Authored Books
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2018) Law Has Never Been Human. Counterpress, UK

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2018) The Idea of Nomos. Edinburgh University Press

Forthcoming: Edited Book
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. (2017) Law and Philosophy: Critical Intersections. Rowman & Littlefield International
Forthcoming Chapters in Books
1.  Zartaloudis, Thanos and Braude, Richard (2017) Property and Possession (1500-1680). In: Goodrich, Peter and Watts, Gary, eds. The Early Modern Age. in The Cultural History of Law, vol. 3/6. Bloomsbury Press. (In press)

2.  Zartaloudis, Thanos (2017) Potere Destituente. In: Bonacci, V, ed. Giorgio Agamben. Ontologia e politica. Quodlibet Publishing House. (In press)

3. Zartaloudis, Thanos (2017) Philosophies of Law, Laws of Philosophy. In Zartaloudis, Thanos, ed. (2017) Law and Philosophy: Critical Intersections. Rowman and Littlefield International.

Forthcoming Refereed Journal Articles
1.Zartaloudis, Thanos (2018) The Nomos of the Land: Land and Distribution in the Homeric World. Law and Humanities Journal.