Director MA / March Housing and Urbanism; Chair AA Graduate Management Committee


Studied in Chile and worked as researcher and lecturer in several Chilean and British institutions, specialized on issues of urban development planning and housing.


Senior Lecturer at the AA Housing and Urbanism Programme and at the Development Planning Unit, University College London. Visiting Lecturer at several Masters and post-graduate courses on urban studies in Europe and Latin America.


Director of the MA Course in Housing and Urbanism at the Architectural Association Graduate School, and Chair of the Architectural Association Graduate Management Committee.


Has worked in recent years as a consultant to several international and national agencies on issues of urban development planning and housing. Among them, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), HABITAT-UN and the World Bank. Advisor to different city governments in Latin America on slum upgrading policies and the role of urbanism in dealing with the irregular city.


Research and publications mainly on the interface of urbanism and urban social policy. In particular, work on the search for a broader reasoning about housing densities and urban intensification and the place of an appropriate urbanism in addressing urban irregularity and informality. Special research interest on the relation of spatial strategies and scaling-up in slum upgrading and poverty alleviation.

Latest related publications include:
2013 Fiori, J. “Informal City: Design as  Political Engagement”, in Verebes, T. (Ed.), Master planning Adaptable City, Routledge.
2012 (with J. Brandao) “Spatial Strategies and Urban Social Policy: Urbanism and Povert Reduction in the Favelas Rio de Janeiro”, in Hernandez, F; L. Allen & P. Kellett (eds) Rethinking the Informal City: Critical Perspectives from Latin America, Berghahn Books.

Earlier publications in this area of research have included:
2005   (with D. Chen & H. Hinsley), “Gentrification and Change in London’s ‘City Fringe”, paper commissioned by the Department of Urbanism of Oslo School of Architecture for the forthcoming research publication: Urban Transformation: urban form, gentrification and immigration.
2004   (with E. Riley & R. Ramirez), “Favelas, Inclusao Social e Integridade Urbana”, in Valenca, M & Fernandes, E. (eds) Brasil Urbano, Mauad, Brasil.
2002   (with E. Riley & R. Ramirez), “Mejoramiento Fisico e Integración Social en Rio de Janeiro”, in Cuadernos Urbanos, N.3, Argentina.
2001   (with E. Riley & R. Ramirez), “Physical Upgrading and Social Integration in Rio de Janeiro: the Case of Favela Bairro”, in DISP 147, Zurich.
2001   “Why Favela-Bairro?”, in Fiori, J. & Hinsley, H. Transforming Cities: Design in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, AA Publications, London;
2001   (with E. Riley & R. Ramirez), “Favela Bairro and a New Generation of Housing Programmes for the Urban Poor”, in GEOFORUM,Vol. 32, N.4, Sept. London;
2000   (with E. Pascolo & R. Ramirez), “Re-opening the Housing Debate in South Africa: Notes on Housing and Poverty Alleviation Emerging from International Experience”, Isandla Institute, Johannesburg.
2000   (with E. Riley & R. Ramirez), “Urban Poverty Alleviation Through Environmental Upgrading in Rio de Janeiro”, DPU/DFID, London.