Mark Cousins

Director, AA History & Theory Studies


1966 – 1971 Merton College, Oxford University
1971 – 1974 Warburg Institute


1970 BA (Hons) in History, First Class
1971 MA in Art History


1974 – 1976 Lecturer in Sociology and Social Anthropology, Brunel University
1976 – 1980 Lecture in Sociology, Thames Polytechnic
1980 – 1988 Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Thames Polytechnic
1988 – 1992 Principal Lecturer in Sociology, Thames Polytechnic
1988 – 1992 Deputy Head of School of Economics + Sociology,Thames Polytechnic
1992 – Director of History and Theory Studies, AA
1992 – Ph.D Supervisor, AA
1994 Founder member of London Consortium Graduate School
1995 – 2009 Head of Histories and Theories Programme, AA
2001 – 2009 Visiting Professor, Columbia University, New York
2009 Senior Fellow, London Consortium
2010 – 2015 Guest Professor, School of Architecture, Southeast University, Nanjing, China


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2005 Sigmund Freud: The Unconscious. Introduction by Mark Cousins, Penguin


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At the AA I have lectured at all levels, undergraduate and graduate. For a long time my Friday lectures which are open to the public have been the centre of my teaching, together with Ph.D. supervision. I have lectured throughout the world in the USA, in Europe, in China, in Australia, as well as throughout the UK.


In 1993 I founded with Paul Hurst and Colin McCabe the London Consortium, a new graduate school whose PhD’s come within London University. Currently the Consortium is a federation of the AA, the ICA, Tate, Birkbeck and the Science Museum. I have taught courses continuously and have successfully supervised many Ph.D’s theses.
1986 – 1990: Member of Advisory Board. ICA
1993 – 1998: Member of the Visual Arts Panel, Arts Council of England
1993 – 1998: Member of the Architectural Panel, Arts Council of England
1997 – 1999: Consultant to Zaha Hadid on her section of the Millennium Dome


I am currently establishing an ambitious research project with colleagues at Southeast University, Nanjing in the School of Architecture. To this end I went out to Nanjing this Easter with Adrian Forty, professor at the Bartlett School and Brett Steel, and lectured, gave seminars and held discussions with colleagues. Our intention is to provide a way of helping Chinese graduate students who are adequate in English to become aware of the meanings of architectural categories as they are used in Europe and the USA. Our plan is to work together with Chinese scholars and Ph.D. students to put together a conceptual dictionary of architectural and urban terms and where necessary on Chinese terms of translation so that Chinese translation of English texts can achieve a standard and verified consultancy of translation. Of course there are all sorts of theoretical and methodological issues bound up in this. But the intention is to offer something immediately useful in the development of Chinese incorporation of Western texts, arguments and problems. The aim is to establish this over the first few years, and to transfer the whole project online so that it becomes the instrument and the property of its users. If successful then it would be desirable to reverse the process and work out an English version and understanding of Chinese building terms and the complex topic of Chinese gardens.

To this end the University has appointed me Guest Professor 2010 – 15. The research is now seeking funding from the private sector, to supplement the already successful application to public sources in China.