Pier Vittorio Aureli

Curriculum Vitae

E-Mail: pv.aureli@dogma.name

Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. Aureli teaches at the Architectural Association where he is Director of studies in the PhD program, lecturer in the History and Theory program and Unit Master in the diploma school. Currently he is The William B. and Shepherd Davenport Visiting Professor, Yale School of Architecture. He has taught at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Columbia University in New York. Aureli is the author of several books including The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture Within and Against Capitalism (2008), The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (2011), and Ritual and Walls: The Architecture of Sacred Space (2016, with Maria Shéhérazade Giudici), The Room of One’s Own (2017, with Dogma) and Loveless: Minimum Dwelling and its Discontents (2019, with Dogma).

Together with Martino Tattara, he is the co-founder of Dogma, an office for architecture based in Brussels. Since the beginning, Dogma has developed a specific interest in large-scale interventions and in urban research. Currently Dogma is working on a research by design trajectory that focuses on domestic space and its potential for transformation. Besides being an architect and educator, Aureli is also a painter. The first solo exhibition of his paintings has taken place at Betts Project gallery in London in 2018.




– PhD in Architecture, Technische Universiteit, Delft, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, 2005.

– Doctorate in Urban Planning, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (I.U.A.V), 2003

– Master in Architecture, The Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, 2001

– Laurea in Architettura, full marks cum laude, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (I.U.A.V), 1999.

– Studies at the Somer Akademie fur Bildende Kunst, Salzburg, 1990-1992

– Studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, 1991-1992

– Diploma Liceo Artistico, Rome, 1987-1991


Authored Books


– The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (MIT Press: Cambridge, Ma., 2011)

– The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture within and against Capitalism (Princeton – – Architectural Press: New York, 2008)

– Less is Enough: On Architecture and Asceticism (Strelka Press: Moscow, 2013)


Co-authored and edited Books (Selection)


– Loveless: Minimum Dwelling and Its Discontents (Black Square: Milan, 2019), co-author with Dogma

– The Room of One’s Own (Black Square: Milan, 2017), co-author with Dogma

– Like a Rolling Stone: Revisiting the Architecture of the Boarding House (Black Square: Milan, 2016), co-author with Dogma and Black Square.

-Communal Villa (Spector Books: Leipzig, 2015), co-author with Dogma and Realism Working Group.

Rituals and Walls: The Politics of Sacred Space (AA Publications: London 2016), co-editor with Maria Shéhérazade Giudici

– The City as a Project (Ruby Press: Berlin, 2014), editor

– Dogma 11 Peojects (AA Pubblications: London, 2013), co-author with Dogma

– Rome: The Centre(s) Elsewhere (Skira: Milan, 2011), co-editor with Martino Tattara and Gabriele Mastrigli


Selected Essays, Book Chapters and Articles


– ‘Labor and Work in Architecture’ in “Harvard Design Magazine”, No. 46, Fall/Winter, 2018.

– ‘Loveless: A Short History of Minimum Dwelling’ in Eszter Steierhoffer, Justin McGuirk (editors), Home Futures: Living in Yesterday’s Tomorrow (London: Design Museum, 2018), with Martino Tattara and Marson Korbi.

– ‘The Home at Work: A Genealogy of Housing for the Laboring Classes’ in “Harvard Design Magazine”, No. 46, Fall/Winter, 2018, co-authored with Dogma

– ‘Appropriation, Subdivision, Abstraction: A Political History of the Grid’ in “Log 44”, Fall 2018.

– ‘The Form of Otium: Labor and Leisure in Greek and Roman Domestic Space’ in Marina Otero Verzier (editor), Work, Body Liesure (Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2018), co-authored with Maria Shéhérazade Giudici.

– ‘The Forest and the Cell: Notes on Mosej Ginzburg’s Green City’ in “Harvard Design Magazine”, No. 45, Spring/Summer, 2018, co-author with Dogma.

– ‘Life Abstracted: Notes on the Floor Plan’ in “E-Flux Architecture’, Fall 2017 https://www.e-flux.com/architecture/representation/159199/life-abstracted-notes-on-the-floor-plan/

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– ‘Familiar Horror: Toward a Critique of Domestic Space’ in “Log 39”, Fall 2016, with Maria Shéherazade Giudici

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– “Aldo Rossi” Entry in Umberto Eco (edited by) Enciclopedia Arte-Novecento, (Milan: Motta Editore 2006)

– “From Nothingness to Nothing at All. An answer to Rem Koolhaas” (with Irene Lund), in “Hunch, The Berlage Report” n.4, 2001.


Organised Symposia


– “Labor and Architecture: Space and the Production of Subjectivity”, One-day Symposium. 13/11/2015 Speakers: Fabrizio Ballabio, Peggy Deamer, Fabrizio Gallanti, Maria S. Giudici, Francesco Marullo, Andreas Rumpfhuber, 2015

– “The Dom-ino Effect: The Legacy of Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-ino”, One day symposium. 15/3/2014 Speakers: Tim Benton, Peter Carl, Maria S. Giudici, Justin McGuirk, Platon Issaias, Marina Lathouri, Mary McLeod, Francesco Passanti, Stanislaus Von Moos, 2014

– “The City as a Project” PhD seminars series at the Berlage Institute, 2010-2012.

Speakers: Sven-Olov Wallestein, Mary McLeod, Joan Ockman, Lucia Allais, Matteo Pasquinelli, Cesare Birignani, Felicity Scott, Mario Carpo, Lukasz Stanek, Sebastien Marot, Jean Louis Cohen, Anthony Vidler, Philippe Morel, Andrew Leach, Gail Day, Braden W. Joseph, Douglas Spencer.

– “The Non-Figurative City: Rethinking the Legacy of Ludwig Hilberseimer”, one day symposium at the Berlage Institute, 19/03/2010.

Invited speakers: Andrea Branzi, Philippe Morell, Charles Waldheim, Markus Kilian, Martino Tattara, Albert Pope. 

– “Critical Judgement: Architectural Criticism and the Politics of City Form” one day symposium at the Academia Belgica in Rome. 11/11/2008

Invited speakers: Giorgio Ciucci, Luis Fernandez-Galiano, Richard Ingersoll, Joan Ockman, Andreas Ruby, Mario Tronti, Elia Zenghelis


Supervised in-progress PhD theses


– Gili Merin, ‘Towards Jerusalem: The Architecture of Pilgrimage’, Architectural Association, London.

– Ioanna Piniara, ‘We Have Never Been Private! The Housing Project in Neoliberal Europe’, Architectural Association, London

– Brendon Carlin: ‘Territorialised Interiors: Non Typological Architecture in Japan’, Architectural Association London

– Georgios Eftaxiopoulos, ‘Towards a Critique of Flexibility in Architecture’, Architectural Association, London.

– Olivia Neves Marra, ‘The Garden as Political Form: From Archetype to Project’, Architectural Association, London

– Davide Sacconi, ‘Archetypes: A Project for the Brazilian city’. Architectural Association, London


Supervised successfully completed PhD Theses


– Jingru Cyan Cheng, ‘Care and Rebellion: The Dissolved Household in Contemporary Rural China’, Architectural Association, London

– Samaneh Moafi, ‘Housing the Masses: Domestic Architecture, Governance and Conflict in Iran’, Architectural Association, London

– Ricardo Ruivo Pereira, ‘Learning from Leningrad: Complexity and Contradiction in Socialist Architecture’. Architectural Association, London.

– Gabriela Garcia de Cortazar Galleguilos, ‘The Coreography of the Modern City’, Architectural Association London, 2016.

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– Bernardina Borra, The Architecture of Co-operation. A Project for Organizing Collective Creativity, 2014

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– Francesco Marullo, ‘Typical Plan: The Architecture of Labour and the Space of Production’, TUDelft/Berlage Institute, 2014.