Director, Projective Cities (MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design)

Sam Jacoby is a chartered architect with an AA Diploma and a doctorate from the Technische Universität Berlin in architectural history and theory. He teaches at the AA since 2002, and in addition has taught at the University of Nottingham, the University College London (The Bartlett School of Architecture), the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, and the Royal College of Art. Jacoby has also worked for architectural and planning offices in the UK, Germany, USA, and Malaysia after training as a cabinet-maker in Germany.

Jacoby authored Drawing Architecture and the Urban (2016) and guest-edited the special journal issues ‘Type versus Typology’ for The Journal of Architecture (2015) and ‘New Design Research in Architecture and Urban Design’ for Urban Flux (2015). He also co-edited the book Typological Formations: Renewable Building Types and the City (2007) and a special journal issue ‘Typological Urbanism: Projective Cities’ for Architectural Design (2011).

Jacoby’s research interests are in the following areas:
Architectural urbanism as a design and research practice operating across scales and responding to collective outcomes of cultural, social, political, historical, and economic forces.
The means available to architecture to describe, analyse, and develop related formal and social diagrams, especially through typal and typological forms of reasoning.
Architectural history and theory, in particular discourses on disciplinary knowledge production, design pedagogies, and design methods.
The intersections between design experimentation, theoretical research, and critical writing, as well as methodologies and methods connecting formal and knowledge production.