SIMOS YANNAS  DiplArch  AADiplGrad(Hons) PhD
Director MSc & MArch Sustainable Environmental Design /Chair PhD Committee /Member AA Academic Committee & Academic Board

Simos Yannas has led environmental design research and teaching at the AA since 1980. He has taken part in collaborative national and international research projects and his books and papers have been published in over a dozen languages. At the AA, he is responsible for the post-professional MSc and MArch programmes in Sustainable Environmental Design (AA SED) and the School’s PhD Programme. Outside the AA he has lectured in some thirty countries. He has supervised MA, MSc, MArch and MPhil dissertation projects, as well as over thirty PhD to successful completion and has acted as Examiner on several UK Masters programmes and on PhD projects in both UK and abroad. His two-volume Solar Energy and Housing Design, published in 1994, was widely acclaimed and still features on reading lists around the world. A new book “The Environmental Evolution of London Urban Housing” is due for publication by Routledge in 2021. Other books include the Portuguese language Em Busca de uma Arquitetura Sustentavel para os Tropicos (Toward a Sustainable Architecture for the Tropics), currently in its second edition with Spanish and English introductions; Roof Cooling Techniques-a design handbook, which was shortlisted for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ RIBA International Book Award for Architecture, and Lessons from Vernacular Architecture published 2014. His essays on adaptive architecturing have appeared in a special issue of AD Architectural Design and in Architecture and Energy-Performance and Style published 2013 by Routledge. He has curated exhibitions of AA SED student projects in several countries and has authored or co-authored over one hundred papers on research undertaken within the AA SED programme. Simos Yannas is a founding member and permanent Secretary of PLEA, an international expert network on sustainable architecture and urban design started in 1981. He was awarded the PLEA Achievement Award in 2001.

Environmental design research since the mid-1970s. Research interests on effect of climate change on urban environments and building design; environmental assessment of architectural forms and building types; design of adaptive  systems for free-running buildings.

2015-2017  Handbook of Sustainable Housing Design. RIBA Research Award.
2009-2012  Environmental Design in University Curricula and Architectural Training in Europe. Collaboration with European partners under EC Programme Intelligent Energy Europe.
2006-2008  Reconceiving the Architecture of the Gulf Region. With Harvard University Centre for Middle East Studies and Schools of Architecture in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
2002  A comparative study of building materials and construction techniques in Turkey. With Middle East Technical University, Ankara under British Council Britain-Turkey Science Partnership.
2001-03  Environmental Implications of Tall Buildings. Studies commissioned by DEGW for London and Dublin.
2000-04  Roof Cooling Techniques. With Laboratory of Thermodynamics, University of Seville and Centre for Desert Architecture and Planning; support under EC Altener Programme.
1999-02  IDEA – Interactive Database of Energy-Efficient Architecture. In collaboration with University of Siegen, Catholic University of Louvain, CNRS, CUEPE, University of Geneva and support from European Commission DG TREN.
1999-01  Passive Cooling Handbook. In collaboration with School of Engineering University of Porto, Department of Physics University of Athens and School of Engineering University of Seville and support from European Commission Altener Programme.
1996-98  Roof Solutions for Natural Cooling (ROOFSOL). In collaboration with several European partners with support from EC Joule Programme. Development of experimental and analytic techniques for the study of radiative and evaporative cooling processes in Mediterranean climatic conditions.
1996-97  Alfa-Built Project. In collaboration with University of Athens, University of Buenos Aires, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, University of Venezuela and support from EC Alfa Programme study of passive heating and cooling of buildings in Latin American contexts.
1994-96  Bioclimatic Architecture and Urban Design in Rio. In collaboration with FAU Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and support from the British Council, CAPES and CNPq. Measurements and observations in selected buildings and outdoor spaces to study indoor and outdoor variations microclimates and implications on occupant thermal and visual comfort.
1992-95  Passive Cooling of Buildings (PASCOOL). In collaboration with Universities of Athens (coordinator), Seville, Porto, La Rochelle, Geneva and Milano and Conphoebus (Ιtaly), ENTPE (France), CRES (Greece), TNO (Netherlands) and the Belgian Ιnstitute of Building Research with support under EC DG-XII Joule II Programme.
1992-94  Architecture and Climate Portfolios. Collaboration with University College Dublin and Catholic University of Louvain with support from European Commission DG-XII Solinfo 2 Programme.
1991-93  Building Science and Environment-Conscious Design. EC TEMPUS Joint European Project. In collaboration with Technical University of Budapest and University of Ljubljana. Teaching environmental design with topics spread over 12 publications.
1990-98  Climate-Responsive Design for Bangladesh. Collaboration with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and the UK Building Research Establishment (BRE) with support from a British Council Link Project.
1989-90  Passive & Hybrid Cooling in Buildings State-of-the-Art Review. EC DG-XII Building 2000 Programme, in collaboration with University of Athens and LASH ENTPE (France).
1986-94  Solar Energy and Housing Design. Research on passive solar heating for residential buildings undertaken in the context of the UK Passive Solar Programme to produce a design manual and calculation procedure.
1985-86  Passive Solar Handbook Definition Study. Commissioned by ETSU, UK Department of Energy, Solar Εnergy R&D.
1983-85  Bioclimatic Design and Passive Solar Systems. A series of short projects commissioned by ETSU, UK Department of Energy, Solar Εnergy R&D.
1982-to date  Founding Member of PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) international network of experts; Director 1991-96, permanent Secretary from 1997. Member of Scientific Committees of annual PLEA Conferences 1983- to present.
1979-82  Energy Systems and Design of Communities. In collaboration with T. Papayannis & Associates and colleagues from other countries in the context of International Energy Agency IEA Task 6.
1979-83  Energy Education in Schools. An experimental project supported by the UK Dept of Education and Science & Dept. of Energy and undertaken in collaboration with the Essex County Architects and Education Departments. The project led to the adoption of energy education in the curricula of schools across the UK.
1978-79  Energy Management of School Buildings. Second phase of research focusing on Essex secondary school buildings in collaboration with the County Architects Department and funding from Science & Engineering Research Council.
1976-78  Energy Strategies for School Buildings. Funded by UK Science & Engineering Research Council, and Essex County Council Architect’s Department.
1975-76  Energy Options in Greece. Dissertation research for postgraduate Honours Diploma. Architectural Association Graduate School, London.

2014    16-18 December. Twelve Projects in India.  PLEA 2014 Conference, Ahmedabad, India
2011    12-15 July, PLEA 2011 International Conference, Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium
2009    22-24 June. Current Student Projects. Quebec City, Canada.
2009    15-20 April. Research & Design: Projects in four climatic regions. Frankfurt, Germany.
2009      3-5 March. Recent Projects & Structures. Ecobuild & Futurebuild, Earls Court, London
2007     27-29 September. Lulu Island Projects. PALENC II, Crete.
2007     13-17 February. Dynamic Structure. American University Sharjah, UAE.
2007     24 Jan – 11 Feb. Recent Projects 2003-06. Arts Pavilion, Mile End Park, London.
2006     27 Oct-20 Nov. Small Structures.  Institute of Architects, Patras, Greece.
2006     16 Oct-30 Nov. Two Projects 2004-05. University of Nottingham.
2006       4-8 Sep. Projects 2004-05. PLEA 2006 International Conference, Geneva.
2005       3-7 July. Small Shelter for Archaeologists. UIA 2005 Congress, Istanbul.
2005     19-21 May. Heliotropic Urban Bench. PALENC 2005 Conference, Santorini, Greece.
2004     20-22 September. Adaptive Skins, Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
2004     AA Now Exhibition, Ljubljana, Slovenia (later touring around Europe).
2004     20-23 April.  Shelter for Archaeologists, Oia, Santorini, Greece.
2003       5-30 Μay. Exhibition of school shelter built at Pankese Village, Ghana.
2003     Exhibition winning student entry to Mediterranean Architecture Competition,  Athens.
2002     July. Exhibition Magical Skin Project. PLEA 2002 International Conference, Toulouse.
1999     Μay. Exhibition of entries to INAX Competition. AA School of Architecture, London.
1999     10-17 January. Exhibition of proposals for Victoria Square, Ministry of Culture, Athens.


Supervision of PhD Research Students

Nihal Al Sabbagh (PhD Awarded 2018). Urban Design and Outdoor Thermal Comfort. AA Graduate School.
Gabriel Felmer (PhD Awarded 2017). Housing Design Strategy for Different Climatic Regions of Chile. AA Graduate School, London.
Patricia Martin del Guayo (PhD awarded 2014). Environmental Perception- climate in urban public spaces. AA Graduate School.
Dong Ku Kim (PhD Awarded 2012). Climate Interactive Building Design in a Korean Climate. AA Graduate School.
Choul Kwon Wong (PhD Awarded 2012). Transitional spaces: the role of sheltered semi-outdoor spaces as microclimate modifiers on school buildings in the UK. AA Graduate School.
Luciano Dutra (PhD Awarded 2012). Design Process and Environmental Information. AA Graduate School.
Fei Fei Sun (PhD Awarded 2012). Achieving Suitable Thermal Performance for Residential Buildings in Different Climates of China. AA Graduate School.
Dulce De Almeida (PhD Awarded 2006). Guidelines for the Design of Pedestrian Areas in an Urban Context according to the Local Microclimate. AA Graduate School.
Rosa Schiano-Phan (PhD Awarded 2005). Passive Downdraught Evaporative Cooling Systems Using Porous Ceramic Evaporators and their Application in Residential Buildings. AA Graduate School.
Solange Goulart (PhD Awarded 2005). Thermal Inertia and Night Ventilation Techniques for Residential Buildings in Southern Brazil. AA Graduate School.
Benito Jimenez Alcala (PhD Awarded 2002) Environmental Aspects of Hispano-Islamic Architecture. AA Graduate School, London.
Helena Massa (PhD Awarded 2002). Urban Aerodynamics. AA Graduate School, London.
Guilherme Quintino (PhD Awarded 2002). Environmental Aspects of Traditional Building Techniques In South-Western Portugal. AA Graduate School, London.
Gustavo Cantuaria (PhD Awarded 2001) Trees and Microclimatic Comfort. AA Graduate School, London.
Paula Cadima (PhD Awarded 2000) Transitional Spaces. PhD Dissertation. Environment & Energy Studies Programme. AA Graduate School, London.
Zainab Ali (PhD Awarded 2000) Environmental Performance of Buildings By Louis Kahn And Le Corbusier In India And Bangladesh. PhD Dissertation. Environment & Energy Studies Programme. AA Graduate School, London.
Christine Phillips (PhD Awarded 1998). Sustainable Place. A place of sustainable development. AA Graduate School, London.
Fernando Rihl (PhD Awarded 1998). Daylight and Visual Perception. AA Graduate School, London.
Shabbir Ahmed (PhD Awarded 1996). Approaches to Bioclimatic Urban Design for the Tropics with Special reference to Dhaka, Bangladesh. AA Graduate School, London.
Abdullah Ayssa (PhD Awarded 1995). The Thermal Performance of Vernacular and Contemporary Houses in Sana’a, Yemen. AA Graduate School, London.
Jaime De Almeida (PhD Awarded 1994). Public Space Utilisation and Environment: a study of large educational buildings. AA Graduate  School, London.
Fuad Mallick (PhD Awarded 1994) Thermal Comfort for Urban Housing in Bangladesh. AA Graduate School, London.
Heitor Da Costa Silva (PhD Awarded 1994). Window Design for Thermal Comfort in Domestic Buildings in Southern Brazil. AA Graduate School, London
Camilo Diaz (PhD Awarded 1994). Optimisation of Thermal Mass for Indoor Cooling. AA Graduate School, London.
Elias Salleh (PhD Awarded 1994). Tropical Urban Outdoor Environment and Human Thermal Comfort. AA Graduate School, London.
Despina Serghides (PhD Awarded 1994). Zero Energy for the Cyprus House. AA Graduate School, London.
Leonardo Bittencourt (PhD Awarded 1993). Ventilatlion as a Cooling Resource for Warm-Humid Climates. AA Graduate School, London.
Phillip Tabb (PhD Awarded 1990). The Solar Village Archetype. A study of English village form applicable to energy-integrated planning principles for satellite settlement in temperate climates. AA Graduate School, London.
Jose Roberto Garcia Chavez (PhD Awarded 1989). The Potential of Beam Core Daylighting for Reducing the Energy Consumption of Artificial Lighting and Air-Conditioning in Hot-Arid Regions of Mexico. AA Graduate School, London.

External Examiner & Reviewer
2018- External Examiner MSc Architecture and the Sustained Environment, University of Kent.
2018- External Examiner MArch Environmental Design, University of Nottingham.
2009-13  External Examiner, MSc Environmental Design of Buildings, Welsh School of Architecture.
2009-13  External Examiner, MSc Sustainable Design in Built Environment, British University in Dubai.
2005-09  External Examiner, MSc Environmental Design & Engineering, Bartlett, University of London.
2004-to date  Technical Expert on European Commission Intelligent Energy-Europe Programme.
2004-05  Member, Search Committee for Director of AA School of Architecture.
2002-05  External Examiner, BArch 5th Year, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.
2001-04  External Examiner, MPhil Environmental Design in Architecture, University of Cambridge.
1999-to date  Reviewer for Architectural Press, Bloomsbury Publishing, Building Research & Information, Built Environment Journal, Earthscan, Energy Research and Social Science Journal, Solar Energy Journal, Taylor & Francis and other publications.
1999  Research Assessor for UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
1999  Research Assessor for Fondacyt Research Council, Chile.
1998-01  External Examiner, MSc Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies, Univ. of East London.
1995  Member Jury Αrchitectural Competition Sustainable Housing for the Poor, Gramado, Brazil.
1994  Member Jury Competition, Alternative Human Settlement Planning and Design. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Amman, Jordan.
1994  Member Jury Αrchitectural Competition, Architecture of the Extremes, Dead Sea.
1993  Member Technical Committee & Jury Competition, ISES Solar World Congress, Budapest.
1991  Member Jury Αrchitectural Competition, Renewable Energy Research Centre, Seville.
1990-to date  Referee on professorial appointments for Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Catholic University of Louvain, Βangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, UCLA, University of Nottingham, University of Cambridge, National Technical University of Athens, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and others.
1988  Member Jury Αrchitectural Competition, Bioclimatic Housing Design in the North of  Portugal.
1985-to date  External Examiner on some 50 PhD and MPhil research degrees for University of Cambridge, University of Nottingham, Cardiff University, Cranfield University, Robert Gordon University, Open University, University of Sheffield, University of Westminster and University of Kent in the UK; and for Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; National Technical University of Athens and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece;  Universidade da Coruña, Spain; and Deakin University, Australia.


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