Feifei Sun

Feifei Sun first trained as an architect and then started her environmental role in 2004. After completing her Masters in Energy & Environment at AA school, She worked for the Ministry of Construction, P.R. China and international companies. She has been sponsored to undertake further research work focusing on Chinese residential sustainability.

Achieving Suitable Thermal Performance in Residential Buildings in Different Climatic Regions of China

Simos Yannas, Rosa Schiano-Phan

The rapid economic expansion of China has come with environmental concerns at local, regional and global levels. It has become apparent that more resources must be made available for a national programme of constructing sustainable buildings with an energy-saving capability.

The purpose of this research is to address the practical issues concerning the implementation of sustainability within a Chinese context. The research emphasises how China can achieve significant energy savings at a reasonably low cost compared to the high-energy consumption of the current residential buildings. It initiates from an uncontrollable energy-consumption scenario and correctly identifies the effective approach to energy conservation through the analysis of a rigid but commonly existing building form that symbolises the current housing stock, and therefore represents significant energy savings throughout the country. From this research new insights will be gained, from the Chinese thermal-comfort adaptation and firmly indentified key issues inhibiting the sustainability ethos.