Serena Jarvis

Serena Lehua Jarvis is an urbanist with a particular interest in the future of resource security; she graduated with distinction from the Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment with a MSc in Building & Urban Design in Development (2011), where she received a special commendation on her dissertation. She earned a BA in International Relations from Bucknell University, during which she studied in Switzerland at the University of Geneva. In January 2012 she started her doctoral research at the Architectural Association. Along with her PhD research she currently collaborating on a Design Proposal for a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape in Bali.

Social Finance and Communal Space: A Housing Project for the Poor

Supervisors: Mark Cousins

The dissertation uses the new ensemble between hedge funds and the poor as the entry point to explore a new proposal for housing in London. It acknowledges the fundamental problem that when housing the poor, there is no funding available to build communal facilities. The research explores how space for communal elements in housing can be highly successful. It does so by examining a new system of social finance to fund communal services and an architectural reconfiguration in housing to meet the needs of the poor.