Monthly Archives: June 2011

Gabriel E Felmer Plominsky

Gabriel Felmer obtained his degree in architecture at the Universidad de Chile, where he conducted research on “urban eco-morphology” with an internship at the Ecole National d’Architecture Belleville, Paris. He currently has a Chilean government scholarship for his PhD studies at AA.

Francisca Aroso Pinto de Oliveira

Francisca Aroso graduated from ESAP Oporto, holds a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture from IaaC+UPC Barcelona and is a registered architect in Portugal. She has worked in architectural firms in Portugal and Spain. She was a teaching assistant on Digital Fabrication Classes, Parametric Design Seminar and Digital Tectonics studio on the FabLab BCN at IaaC. She was a member of the curatorial team for the Full Print3d Exhibition at the DHUB Barcelona.


The design research focused on transitional spaces between buildings’ internal and external environments. New design paradigms were abstracted from biological models to inform the engineering and material organization of transitional zones. Digital design and fabrication techniques were combined to test material properties and enhance the performative capacity of the new system. Using a subtractive and formative machining process the properties of wood were manipulated to meet the desired performance criteria of light penetration, privacy and views. PhD Dissertation submitted for examination.

Feifei Sun

Feifei Sun first trained as an architect and then started her environmental role in 2004. After completing her Masters in Energy & Environment at AA school, She worked for the Ministry of Construction, P.R. China and international companies. She has been sponsored to undertake further research work focusing on Chinese residential sustainability.

Eva Eylers

Eva Eylers is an architect educated at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (Diploma), and at the Architectural Association (MA/PhD, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD). She has taught at the AA and the University of Brighton and is currently teaching at the University of Applied Sciences, Trier, and The Bartlett, University College London.

Emanuel de Sousa

Emanuel de Sousa graduated from FAUP, Portugal, with further academic education at TU Delft and the Berlage Institute, Netherlands. He has worked for Steven Ehrlich, Peter Eisenman and Carvalho Araújo. He has taught Urbanism, History and Theory at FAUP, the AA and Universidade Católica. His PhD studies were supported by FCT Portugal. He was co-editor of Propositions: Ideology in Transparency (AA, 2010). He is also involved in research on performing arts and scenography as the artistic director of Ponto Teatro, Portugal.

Elif Erdine

Elif Erdine received her B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 (High Honours), and MArch degree from the AA Design Research Lab in 2006 (with Distinction). She is a registered architect in Turkey. Her projects have been published widely in international and national architecture publications. She is the Programme Director of the AA DLAB Visiting School and AA Istanbul Visiting School. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects 2006-10.

Clara Oloriz

Clara Oloriz is a PhD researcher, tutor and practising architect. She studied architecture at the ETSA Universidad de Navarra. She has worked for Foreign Office Architects, Plasma Studio and Groundlab. She teaches at the University of Navarra and has collaborated as visiting tutor on the AALU Masters programme, currently in the Scripting Prototypes workshop, and a number of global workshops such as the visiting school in Mexico City. At present, she is finalising her PhD as visiting student at the Architectural Association. Along with her PhD research she has contributed to several congresses and magazines and she is initiating a research cluster on Urban Prototypes.

Aldo Urbinati

Aldo Urbinati is an architect graduated from Mackenzie University – Brazil in 2000. Four years after receiving his degree Urbinati set his own practice under the name of Estudio Tupi, now based in Sao Paulo and London. On 2009 Urbinati started his PhD Research under the supervision of Mark Cousins and Thomas Weaver at the Architectural Association after concluding the MA in Histories and Theories at the same institution.