Monthly Archives: November 2016

Student PhD lecture series – Joan Ockman

“The Idea of Complexity in Architecture circa 1966”

Date: Thursday, 24.11, 2pm

Place: 33 First floor back, Architectural Association, London

Rather than focus only on Venturi’s book titled ‘Complexity and Contradiction,’ the lecture  is going to place the idea of complexity within a wider context, both synchronic and diachronic.

Suggested readings:

– Robert Venturi, ‘Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture’

– Christopher Alexander “A City Is Not a Tree” (both parts, as republished in the British magazine Design, February 1966)

– Jane Jacobs, ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities,’ (introduction and conclusion, “The Kind of Problem a City Is”)

PhD room

The new PhD room is in use. Visitors are welcome at Bedford Square, 32 Ground Floor Back.