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‘What is Contemporary?’ – Conjuring with Ghosts (Geists): A Dialectical Fairy Tale

History as Narrative of the Present

(PhD seminar with Marina Lathouri and guest speaker Joan Ockman)

Following on the seminar ‘What is Historical?’ in Term 1, discussions with guest speakers will take place this term. Continuing and expanding on the previous sessions, the theme is ‘What is Contemporary?’.

For the first session on Thursday at 4:30pm in 37 FFF we are delighted to be joined by Joan Ockman who will talk about ‘History as Narrative of the Present‘.



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Fredric Jameson, “Preface: Regressions of the Current Age” and “Part I: Four Maxims of Modernity” (first three sections), from A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the Present (2012), 1–41