Clara Oloriz

Projecting Technology: Systems of Production in 1950s and 60s Spanish Architecture

This thesis explores how technological conditions of mass-production and industrialisation reconfigured architectural design and spatial concepts transforming the methods of construction and affecting production processes. Therefore, it reflects on the relationship between technology and architecture. Through the analysis of industrialised methods of construction in Spanish architecture of the time and situating them within a broader conceptual and historical framework, the investigation tackles the concepts of components and production systems from a material, structural, formal and spatial perspective.

Costandis Kizis

Modern Greek Myths: National Stereotypes and Modernity in Postwar Greece

Costandis Kizis (Athens, 1982) is a practicing architect and educator, currently teaching at Leeds Beckett University, the Architectural Association, Central Saint Martins and the University of Hertfordshire. Costandis holds a PhD in History of Architecture (Architectural Association), a MSc degree in Advanced Architectural Design (Columbia University) and a Diploma in Architecture (NTUAthens, with honours). He is […]

Costandis Kizis-IMG_9831

Dong Ku Kim

Climate-Interactive Building Design in a Korean Climate

Continuous adaptation to surrounding environmental change is essential to sustain life. Like living beings, buildings can provide a comfortable environment adjusted to outdoor climate variations. This research project focuses on the potential of climate-interactive building design strategies for the high seasonal variations of the Korean climate. PhD awarded 2012.

Eleni Axioti

Architecture as an apparatus of governance: (British) architecture from the welfare state to the state of workfare.

This research attempts an architectural history of the present. It analyzes architecture as a dispositif operating within the practice of governance and unfolds a transversal cartography of architectural operations that problematize the relation of architectural practice to contemporary issues of political economy.

Elif Erdine

Generative Processes in Tower Design: Algorithms for the Integration of Tower Subsystems

This project proposes a new systematic design approach for the architectural typology of the tower, a relatively stable organizational structure and formal language since the end of the 19th century.

Emanuel de Sousa

Heterotopia: Reframing Spatial Practices and Boundaries, c.1968 - 2008

The dissertation explores the long history of the term heterotopia from its emergence in biology and medicine in the late nineteenth century, to its appearance in cultural studies in architecture in the late twentieth century.

Emmanouil Stavrakakis

The Architecture of Linear B

It is the hypothesis of this thesis that while Ventris lacked others’ experience in the field, his advantage came not just from his ‘brilliance’ but also from the forms of analysis he had acquired from his architectural training at the AA in the 1940’s.

Enrique Walker

The Infra-Ordinary City: George Perec’s Lieux Project

PhD completed in 2012.

Feifei Sun

Achieving Suitable Thermal Performance for Residential Buildings in Different Regions of China

The practical issues concerning the implementation of sustainability within a Chinese context.

Frances Mikuriya

Time Space Pathologies

PhD awarded 2012.