PhD Supervisors
Dr Pier Vittorio Aureli
Diploma School Unit Master; Director PhD Programme
Mark Cousins
Director AA History & Theory Studies
Jorge Fiori
Director MA / MArch Housing & Urbanism
Dr Marina Lathouri
Director MA History and Critical Thinking
Dr Michael Weinstock
Director MSc / MArch Emergent Technologies and Design; Director AA Research & Development
Dr Simos Yannas
Director MSc / MArch Sustainable Environmental Design
Dr Paula Cadima
Co-Director MSc & MArch Sustainable Environmental Design
Dr Mark Campbell
Studio Master Projective Cities
Dr Fabrizio Gallanti
Lecturer History & Critical Thinking
Dr Maria S. Giudici
Lecturer City Architecture; Unit Master Diploma School
Dr Sam Jacoby
Co-Director MPhil Projective Cities
Dr George Jeronimidis
Consultant Emergent Technologies and Design
Dr Mark Morris
Chair Teaching & Learning Committee
Emmanuel Vercruysse
Co-Director MSc & MArch Design & Make
Dr Alexandra Vougia
Lecturer History & Theory Studies