AA-CCA Research Grant

This research grant provides the opportunity for summer residency at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. It is awarded annually to AA PhD students in their second or later years of study. The grant provides a stipend toward travel, accommodation and subsistence. Previous recipients of the AA-CCA Research Grant were Eva Eylers (2009), Emanuel de Sousa (2010), Alejandra Celedon and Ivonne Santoyo (2011), Niloofar Kakhi (2012), Costandis Kizis and Arturo Revilla (2013), Alexandra Vougia and Gabriela Garcia de Cortazar Galleguillos (2014). Applications are now open for 2015; there will be only one award this year for a residency starting in mid-June 2015. Submit application to simos@aaschool.ac.uk providing a brief CV, proposal for the work to be undertaken at CCA and a recommendation letter from your first supervisor.
Deadline for applications Friday 27 February 2015. For information on the CCA see: www.cca.qc.ca/en