Aldo Urbinati

Aldo Urbinati is an architect graduated from Mackenzie University – Brazil in 2000. Four years after receiving his degree Urbinati set his own practice under the name of Estudio Tupi, now based in Sao Paulo and London. On 2009 Urbinati started his PhD Research under the supervision of Mark Cousins and Thomas Weaver at the Architectural Association after concluding the MA in Histories and Theories at the same institution.

Architectural Effects

Supervisors: Mark Cousins, Thomas Weaver

This thesis is designed as a contribution to architectural aesthetics. What it tries to do is to consider the major ways in which effects, especially in architecture, are to be understood. It starts from the types of effects in which architecture is involved. It tries to clarify their different nature and to establish them both in terms of the architecture itself and the reception of its effects. This is done from the point of view of how effects can still be registered and whose effects have already generated a considerable literature. The strategy of the thesis is to test these 'architectural effects' out against a number of case studies within the history and the literature on The Eiffel Tower.