Eva Eylers

Hygiene and Health in Modern Urban Planning: the Sanatorium and its Role within the Modernist Movement

The main question centres on the migrations of the programmatic typology of the sanatorium, its engagement with the city and its instrumental role in the debates on the planning of the modern city. Using this specific building type as an analytical device, and considering the medical and psychological conditions posed by the modern metropolis – of which the sanatorium is product and response to – this research discusses how the tuberculosis sanatorium provided a cure not only against TB, but against diseases associated with the experience of the city.

José Raúl Zavala

Towards a Multi-dimensional Approach in Estate Housing

The rising trend in housing policies centred on a multi-dimensional approach to deal with the design of socially sustainable housing programmes.

Pavlos Philippou

Cultivating Urbanism; The Architecture of Contemporary Cultural Institutions

Beginning in the late nineteenth century and becoming codified by the early twentieth, cultural buildings came to acquire a salient role in urban reasoning. Cultivating Urbanism pursues the architectural richness of this reasoning through three distinct but interrelated cases, which exemplify the themes and strategies linking cultural buildings to the spatial politics of the liberal metropolis. Seen in their relation to a complex and persistent urban discourse, these cases allow us to see the continuities as well as the dynamism and differentiation that architecture brings to the urban field.