Merate A Barakat

Merate Barakat worked for PMA (Prescott Muir Architects), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she worked on numerous projects that have received design AIA (American Institute of Architects) awards. She has received an MArch from the University of Utah, an MSc from the University of Nottingham and BSc from the Arab Academy of Science in Technology, Alexandria – Egypt Campus.

Sonic Urban Morphologies: Towards Modelling Aural Spatial Patterns For Urban Space Designers

Dr George Jeronimidis, Dr Michael Weinstock

The design-based contribution of this research project is the development and calibration of a computational design aid that can predict qualitative patterns of aural spatial perception, and translate them into spatial attributes of a modelled urban space. The tool produces spatial patterns as representations of the distribution of sound energy of predicted acoustic spaces and the intermediary domains between them. The fields of computation simulation, soundscape, and psychoacoustics inform the structure of the tool, the input parameters, and the testing and validation processes this research adopts. PhD completed 2016.