Patricia Martin del Guayo

Patricia is an architect and a PhD candidate at the AA in London, as a Gobierno Vasco scholar. In 2010 she graduated from Harvard University GSD with a Master’s of Architecture in Urban Design. She previously obtained her degree in Architecture in Spain, having studied as an Erasmus student at TU-Vienna, Austria. She worked as an architect in Spain and Germany and now maintains her own design practice in London.

Environmental Perception: Climate in Urban Public Spaces

Simos Yannas, Paula Cadima

This dissertation reveals that climatic conditions significantly influence the way people use public spaces, drawing or repelling people from them. Thus, the study of urban microclimates becomes particularly significant in order to design successful public spaces that promote social activities. Fieldwork in London and several Spanish cities studied the climatic and social environments in selected public spaces. It focused on people’s perceptions and reactions to the microclimatic environments and to climate-responsive structures. The dissertation puts forward proposals for a specific public space on the outskirts of Madrid illustrating an integrative approach in the design of urban public spaces. PhD completed in 2015.