Unpacking Architecture’s Academic Work

seminar with PhD students

Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 1-3pm

Place: 33 First floor back, Architectural Association, London (tbc)

This afternoon seminar prior to the evening event provides a smaller and more informal setting for PhD students to meet with This Thing Called Theory editors Teresa Stoppani, Doreen Bernath and Giorgio Ponzo, and George Themistokleous (Skype) and Braden Engel (Skype), to unravel highlights and polemics of This Thing Called Theory through its conference and publications. Furthermore, these will lead to a wider discussion on unconventional aspects and the nitty-gritty of academic work in the field of architecture, ranging from research networks, conference organisation, panel and paper selections, expansion from textual to multi-media contents, editing and reviewing publications, multi-disciplinary engagements, etc.

We would like to suggest the following readings, as you can select one or two to read prior to the seminar, as a basis for discussion: articles written by some of our guest speakers in the evening seminar, as well as an example of an article published in the journal by Martín Cobas in midst of his doctoral studies at Princeton University School of Architecture.

We recommend the following texts for the better understanding of the topics to be discussed:

  • Readings extracted from the book This Thing Called Theory

‘Introduction’ by Teresa Stoppani Giorgio Ponzo and George Themistokleous
‘Manfredo Tafuri and the death of architecture’ by Marco De Michelis
‘(Un)political’ by Pippo Ciorra
‘Repositioning. Having ideas’ by Mario Carpo

  • Readings extracted from the journal special issue This Thing Called Theory

‘Introduction’ by Doreen Bernath and Braden Engel
‘Theory’s Doubt: History, Theory and Image in Robin Evans’s Physiognomy of Morals’ by Martín Cobas

Image: Robin Evans, “The Fabrication of Virtue.” Poster of the exhibition held in the Architectural Association Members Room, 11-28
February, 1976.