Winyu Ardrugsa

Winyu Ardrugsa is a PhD candidate at the AA funded by the Royal Thai government. He studied architecture at Silpakorn University in Bangkok and Delft University of Technology. He has practiced as an architect and taught design studio in Thailand. His research papers are presented at international conferences.

‘Stranger’ and ‘Home-Land’: Religious Practice and Spatial Negotiations of Thai Muslims in Contemporary Bangkok

Marina Lathouri, Modjtaba Sadria

Situated to challenge the established essentialist understanding of ‘Muslim space’, this research investigates the relationship between subject formations and spatial negotiations through the everyday prayer practices of the reformist Muslims of Bangkok and the processes carried out in relation to ‘urban’ mosques, ‘public’ prayer rooms and ‘else’-where. The thesis argues for a destabilised body-place of relationships though producing specific conditions of spatial intimacy. PhD completed 2012.