Marina Lathouri: Dis-locutions, Architecture and the Political

PhD Debates Marina Lathouri with visiting speakers / Term 2   The Debates, a joint MA History and Critical Thinking and PhD seminar, provide a venue for exchange of ideas and arguments. External speakers are invited every week, to position multiple voices and make possible a process of thinking in common, by definition a pedagogical […]

Michael Weinstock: The Scientific Method and Design Science

16-18 October 2.00pm EmTech Studio The Scientific Method is an evolving set of procedures based on systematic observations and measurements, the formulation of ideas (hypotheses) and predictions from those observations that are tested by experiment, the subsequent modification of the hypotheses and further experimentation until there is no distance between the hypothesis, prediction and observed […]

Pier Vittorio Aureli, Maria S. Giudici: A Critical History of Domestic Architecture

Architectural Association, London PhD Program ‘City/Architecture’ Fall Semester 2017   The seminar will focus on a critical history of domestic architecture from its origins to the present. Why we live in houses? Why has this become the predominant way of living? Why has the history of housing always been a history of crisis? Why has […]

Simos Yannas

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