Michael Weinstock: The Scientific Method and Design Science

16-18 October 2.00pm EmTech Studio

The Scientific Method is an evolving set of procedures based on systematic observations and measurements, the formulation of ideas (hypotheses) and predictions from those observations that are tested by experiment, the subsequent modification of the hypotheses and further experimentation until there is no distance between the hypothesis, prediction and observed results of the experiment.

Design Research is a unique class of inquiry that may include some combination from the larger set of principles of form and behaviour, integrated knowledge from the natural or cultural sciences, a specified degree of mutability such as a relational model capable of adaptation to differing circumstances or environments, testable propositions and principles of implementation, and an expository design (conceptual, physical or computationally simulated) to be used for testing and evaluation.

Seminar presentations and discussions recommended for PhD and Graduate students, and are open to all students.

There are 6 seminars in the series, 4 in the first term and 2 in the second term.


  1. The Scientific Method and Design Science

Hypothesis, Theory, Law, Model, Evidence (experimental/empirical),Quantitive and Qualitative and Mixed methods, Reasoning(logic and styles of arguments) – Inductive,Deductive and Adductive

  1. Anatomy of a Literary Review for a Paper, Dissertation and Thesis in the Sciences
  2. History of Design Science
  3. A Design Science research projects (PhD level) – anatomy, methods and models


Next term 5 and 6. Invited guests to present a funded (design science) and completed research project and an exegesis of its documentation.


Dr. Michael Weinstock, RIBA, FRSA

Director Research and Development

Director Emergent Technologies and Design